Board of Directors

Peter Skivington-Chair 

Tom Staccone-Treasurer

585-889-3784 (h) 585-739-4919 (c)

Suzanne Hendrickson-Secretary, Chair Fundraiser Committee 

Dr. Thomas Caprio-Medical Director 

 Fr. John Hayes

Sharon Castronovo

585-889-8599 (h) 585-489-0263 (c) 

Lisa Bleier 

Jeffery Deragon 

Pat Hanley 

585-305-6070  (c)


Tracy Dovi

Interested in becoming a member of the board?

If you are interested in joining the board of directors, click on the link below, print and fill out a nomination or application form, 

and mail to the address provided on the form.

BOARDdocsMerged (pdf)